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PimsPoints is an app that helps parents engage in their child’s education, earn points and exchange the accumulated points for real-life rewards. The objective of this project was to improve the onboarding and registration experience for parents /caregivers. I joined forces with a research team of three and partnered with two designers to bring this vision to life.


UX/UI Designer


Mar - Jun 2023
(in development)

The Problem

PimsPoints existing onboarding and registration process is lengthy and not clear.

User Research & Key Insights

Exploring Real-World Use

To get a better understanding of the current registration process,
we conducted a Contextual Inquiry on the current app with five parents and caregivers​.

We mapped the gathered insights, and distilled them into two main groupings:
'Process Clarity' and 'Information Purpose'.

Information Purpose

Users desire clearer guidance on the purpose of providing parent/caregiver information and the intent of their sign-up.

Process Clarity

Users prefer clear and streamlined processes and seek understanding of registration prompts and steps.

Comparative Research

Since PimsPoints does not have any direct competitors, we decided to conduct a comparative analysis of four other parenting apps to assess their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their onboarding process.

So we asked ourselves…

HMW help users understand what they are signing up for when they register on the app?

HMW make the information request during registration feel less invasive or uncertain?

HMW improve the clarity of text prompts during registration?

HMW guide users through the registration process?

Our Persona

Say hello to Sophia!

Working parents, Sophia and her husband, balance busy schedules while supporting their two young children in school. As a new school year begins, Sophia wants to engage more in their school activities and connect with teachers. But, varying work hours and inconsistent school communication make it tough. She wishes for an easier way to be involved and hopes her husband can be in the loop too.

Our solution for Sophia

Designing a more efficient onboarding experience for parents and caregivers joining PimsPoints. This includes providing relevant information at the outset, streamlining the process of inputting necessary user and child information, and guiding the process with clear, direct prompts.​

User Flow

After presenting our low-fidelity wireframes to our stakeholders, we gathered valuable feedback. Their insights allowed us to make necessary refinements, further enhancing our design and ensuring it aligns well with the project's objectives.


Let's Brainstorm!

Guided by our research, we initiated an Ideation Workshop as our first step. We brainstormed, exchanged feedback, and aligned on a common vision for our early sketches.

Lo-fi Wireframes

Following our sketching phase, we transformed our ideas into low-fidelity wireframes. These wireframes provided us with an initial visual guide to the user interface, laying a solid foundation for subsequent stages of design.

Stakeholder Feedback

It's time for feedback!

After presenting our low-fidelity wireframes to our stakeholders, we gathered valuable feedback. Their insights allowed us to make necessary refinements, further enhancing our design and ensuring it aligns well with the project's objectives.

Usability Testing

What we found out?

After refining our low-fidelity wireframes, we were eager to put them to the test!
Our objective was to observe users navigating through the newly designed registration onboarding process, and identify any potential pain points or stumbling blocks.

App Clarity and Onboarding

60% of users were confused about the app's name and certain design elements, suggesting a more welcoming onboarding.

Inviting Family Members

80% of users were unsure about who to invite and why, suggesting a need for clearer explanation.

Profile Photo Upload

60% of users felt it's a commitment and would rather choose to upload a photo later based on their app usage. Privacy concerns also emerged about uploading children's photos.

Verification Preferences

40% of users had mixed preferences for verification methods. Some found email verification acceptable, while others preferred text verification for its speed and convenience.

Final Design

Welcoming App Introduction

We've designed a welcoming onboarding experience to help parents/caregivers, community partners, and school staff swiftly understand what the app is about and join with ease.

Meeting Inclusive & Accessible Needs

To ensure the app's accessibility for non-English-speaking parents, we've incorporated a language selection feature. Additionally, we've prioritized inclusivity by utilizing diverse illustrations and icons, catering to all types of parents.

Privacy and Security

We've incorporated various security and privacy features into the app. These include email verification, presenting users with the terms of service, a password visibility toggle, and data handling info to enhance security and ensure your child's safety.

Fast and Simplified Registration

We've designed concise registration forms for both parents and children, making the process quick and easy. The addition of a progress bar provides users with a clear understanding of how much time it will take to complete the registration.

Reflection & Next Steps

What I learned?

At the start of this project, we were four team members, but by its end, we were down to two. This shift increased our workload and demanded adaptability. This change required me to take on a lead role, managing client communications and timeline issues.

My next step

If I had more time, I would like to focus on creating an accessible platform for other devices such as tablets / ipads.